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Blueberry Air Racing Team Title Block

"Blueberry" is one of the top Formula V air racing airplanes.

Side view of Blueberry at 1994 NAS Oceana VA air races

Built in 1978 by Ed C. Fisher of Painesville, Ohio, "Blueberry" is the oldest Formula V raceplane currently active on the circuit, and has flown in more Formula V air races than any other raceplane. It is always in the thick of the action and really stands out due to its distinctive color scheme. "Blueberry" is a modified Monnett Sonerai-1 design.

Latest News - "Blueberry" Retired to Motorsports Hall of Fame Museum

On Sept. 7th., 2001, team owner Jim Vliet delivered "Blueberry" to the Motorsports Hall of Fame Museum, located in Novi, Michigan (near Detroit). "Blueberry" now joins the impressive collection of racing vehicles at this Museum. We encourage you to visit the Motorsports Hall of Fame Museum and website at

Race pilot Charlie Terry Blueberry's Pilot: Charlie Terry first got started in air racing in 1975 as the pilot of his own #14 "Beetlebomb" in which he won the Formula V National Championship in 1985. Charlie has been racing in Blueberry since 1989. He has flown at every official Formula V air race held since the first race in 1977. He's known as the "John Force of Air Racing" because he's such an outrageous character! Charlie has also been heavily involved over the years in administrating the Formula V organization, serving as President 1986-1989 and 1992-1996. He has also raced in the Formula One and Sport Biplane air racing classes. Charlie is a DAR and performs homebuilt aircraft inspections, licensing and test flights.

Charlie Terry and Jim Vliet Charlie Terry & Jim Vliet confer before a flight.

Blueberry's Owner: Jim Vliet has been involved in air racing from 1975 through 2000 as a team owner, race announcer and administrator. Jim built his first raceplane, a Wittman V-Witt #33 "chasin' rainbows" which competed in 1987-88. Jim acquired Blueberry in 1989. Jim has also been heavily involved in administrating the Formula V organization, serving as Secretary and newsletter editor from 1986 to 1996, Vice-President in 1997, and President 1997-2001. He has also served as announcer at all Formula V air races since 1986. Jim has designed a totally new Formula V raceplane to replace Blueberry.

Blueberry's Crew Chief:Ted Jasik of New York City is the crew chief for Blueberry at the races. Ted is a licensed pilot and has been involved in air racing since 1995.

For more information about Formula V Air Racing, including upcoming races, television coverage, race results, race procedures and a look at the other racing teams, please visit the Formula V Air Racing web site.

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