Blueberry's Specifications...
Wingspan: 17 ft., 7 in.
Length: 16 ft., 10 in.
Empty Weight: 556 lbs. [much too heavy!!]
Engine: 96 cu. in. 4 cylinder air cooled.
Horespower: 65+
Top Speed: 175+ Mph.
Best Qualifying Speed:
(on 2-mile course)
169.811 Mph.

Blueberry is a Monnett Sonerai-1 design. It has a welded steel tube fuselage and tail surfaces with fabric covering behind the cockpit, and a fiberglas & aluminum cowling. The wing is of all-aluminum construction, with aluminum spars, ribs, and skin.

Blueprints and some prefabricated parts for the Sonerai-1 are available from Great Plains Aircraft Supply Co., Inc. Box 545, Boys Town, NE 68010 (402) 493-6507. Ask for Steve Bennett.

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