More Blueberry Photos...

Blueberry in flight Blueberry in flight at a recent air race.

Blueberry with Sallie Taylor 1993 Blueberry being interviewed by WHIO-TV's Sallie Taylor at the 1993 Dayton Air Show.

Blueberry with Charlie Terry in cockpit Charlie Terry in the cockpit of Blueberry just before the start of a race at the 1994 Dayton Air Show. Our friendly rival Dave Patterson and "Zoomy" is in the background...Bill Turner's DeHavilland Comet replica can be seen in the distant background.

Blueberry on static display Blueberry on display at a Meijer store in Dayton Ohio, just prior to the 1994 Dayton Air Show. Blueberry is hauled to and from the races in the enclosed trailer seen in background.

Blueberry original color scheme Blueberry in its original dark blue color scheme [1978-90].

Blueberry air-to-air photo Blueberry in flight over Long Island, NY in August, 1996.

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