Blueprint for the Next Generation Formula V raceplane...

3-view drawing of TRC-1

LATEST NEWS: A new Corporation, Total Racing Concepts, Inc. has been formed to hold the design rights to this aircraft. The aircraft design has been renamed the "TRC-1". The 3-view presented above is a preliminary design study, and the aircraft now under construction has some differences. The Total Racing Concepts, Inc. web site is at

TRC-1 Description:
The goals for this project are to create a new-design Formula V raceplane which will be an improvement across the board in performance, safety, ease of construction and ease of maintenance...advancing the state of the art of Formula V raceplanes. It is not, however, intended to be a 'Nemesis' type airplane with technology proprietary to a single team. Rather, it should signal a new development direction for the Formula V racing class, and I encourage my competitors to follow this lead, especially in regards to new safety features. This design embodies many ideas from other air race classes, as well as my own experience with my two previous Formula V raceplanes.

The racer will have a one-piece all-composite wing with molded skins. The wing spar is made of unidirectional pultrusion laminates, and passes underneath the pilot's knees, enhancing the pilot's range of vision as compated to the current mid-wing designs, as well as increased legroom for tall pilots. A relatively thick 15% laminar flow airfoil has been selected.

The fuselage will probably consist of a steel tubing truss with a lightweight composite molded shell. I intend not to have any fabric covering anywhere on the aircraft.

Up front will be the standard 96 cu. in. engine, with a Wittman-style prop extension. A relatively small 48" diameter two-bladed prop permits high revs. for good performance.

This raceplane is now in the detail design stage. Construction is expected to begin this summer. If the prototype is successful, I intend to field a two-plane team with both aircraft hauled in a single trailer. I might produce a limited number of kits for other competitors.

TRC-1 Specifications (very preliminary)
Wingspan: 22 ft.
Length: 19 ft.
Empty Weight: 500 lbs.
Construction: All-composite wing & tail, fuselage is steel tube truss with composite shell.
Motor: 96 cu. in. 4 cylinder aircooled per Formula V specification, est. 65 Hp.
Estimated top speed: 190+ Mph.

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